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 Dedicated to Providing the Best Care at Home.

If being at home is important to you, you won't find a better way to ensure professional and understanding care than with us. We understand how our Service Users feel and our approach is always tailored to provide the care and support require by each, individual Service User.


Care Resource Bureau provides support and assistance for people who want to live at home and maintain their independence.  Our experience of care in the community means that we are well qualified to provide outcome based person centred care, ensuring independence, flexibility, dignity and choice.


We provide a full range of Home Care services including Personal Care, Medication, Palliative Care, Live In Care (Encompassing Dementia, Domestic & Companionship Support). We provide all support within anything from a check call up to 24/7 Live-In care, and is available for everyone whether NHS & Local Authority or Self Funded - (For Live In Care).

Care Resource Bureau has embraced the government’s agenda of 'putting people first' and provides a personalised care service for all of our Service Users. Self Directed Care through Individual Budgets/Direct Payments allows all Service Users to exercise better control and choice.




Care Resource Bureau can provide these services to you at home:


  • Palliative Care

  • Live-in Home Care

  • Dementia and Alzheimers Care (In relation to Palliative or Live In Care)

  • Hospital Discharge Same Day Service - Within 24 Hours of Referral (For NHS & Local Authority Packages of Care)

  • Personal Care And Support

  • Training Services

Better Care Starts With You!
You are not alone, we are here... We can help, advise & support.


"This is to say thank you so much to you and your lovely team of carers who looked after my mother at the end of her life. 

You and your team made what was a very difficult situation that much easier.

The carers were sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful towards my mother and to us as a family.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the negative attitude and behaviour of my brother. (He) was very protective of my mother and although it is not an excuse, we had carers that had looked after my Mum when she had spent a long time previously in hospital and in truth were awful. So I think Stefan had let this experience affect his judgement.

I would be most grateful if you could send the names of the carers who came out to my mother in her final days, so I can write to them personally. 

Once again thank you for all your support, help and kindness, we as a family are truly grateful to you all."

Ania M. - Daughter of Service User - (April 2020)

​"Tricia Downes and her team of carers provided palliative care for my 92 year old mother in the final weeks of her life. We were introduced after my mother’s discharge from hospital and after three years of live in carers due to my mother’s dementia. I was immediately struck by the different approach from Tricia and her live in carer. THEY ACTUALLY CARED .. A LOT. It’s sad to say that this is not a given these days and hadn’t been my experience with the previous teams. The difference that they made was to immediately make my mother comfortable and alleviate her suffering. They also instilled in me the confidence that they knew what they were doing and could be trusted so that I didn’t have to make constant checks. Their experience and knowledge meant that they were able to suggest improvements that would help my mother (for example with her swallowing) things that one would have hoped her GP would have suggested, but didn’t. They gave so much more than they were contracted to provide. The biggest difference was the way that Tricia managed her team. She was able to direct and motivate them and keep tabs on what was happening and always kept me informed. Our live in carer treated my mother as if she were her own. She was as upset as I was upon her passing. I truly don’t believe my mother could have had better care in her final weeks and I will always be grateful to Tricia, L and the rest of the team for what they did. They are truly outstanding people."

David Spate - Son of Service User - (February 2019)

"Following Margaret’s passing on Sunday I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful team of Carers for looking after her so well in the few days before her death.

Hannah and I were very impressed by your professionalism, commitment to provide the best care for Margaret, and for your regular communications with me.

The Carers were all very kind and considerate. Louise was a real gem, particularly caring and compassionate to Margaret and very supportive to Hannah. Her experience really showed.

I used to be volunteer Chairman of a charity-run care home, and know how difficult it is to find and retain good care staff. From what we experienced you have succeeded in doing that.

Overall, you and your team exceeded our expectations, and you are to be congratulated. I will have no hesitancy in recommending your company to others."

Andrew Bridgeman - Husband of Service User - (July 2020)