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In the words of our clients

What better way to show you the impact of what we do on clients and their families than to share their feedback.

Rebecca Jacques, granddaughter of client - June 2021

I wanted to thank you and your staff for supporting me with my nan during the last weeks of her life. 

All the support you provided was amazing and I can't thank you and Winnie enough for everything!


Winnie was an amazing part of the support she offered, not only was she there for my nan but she was there for me, and I am so thankful for this.


Especially given the circumstances of the pandemic you and your staff sorted any query or support out so quickly, so thank you!


Please pass this on to those involved for the great work they did and are continuing to do!

Buckland family, relatives of client - June 2021

Thank you for supplying us with a wonderful, professional and friendly set of carers who looked after Dad. 

You should be very proud of them all. They are a credit to you and your Company. We could not believe the quality of care they gave him. One hears such bad reviews about the level of care provided to the elderly, but we were delighted and very pleasantly surprised with your service.

Their care and attention were very much appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Liz & Mark Macaulay, next of kin to client - June 2021

I apologise for not having written earlier but am just getting in touch to let you know how impressed and grateful I have been with the care provided to our neighbour Kathleen A. between January/February & June this year.

Fola, Racheal & Esser really put their all into caring for her and it really helped us, knowing that they were there and that they'd keep in touch with us. 

Christian Durham, son of client - June 2021

We just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. You were so amazing and caring and supportive. It helped John’s last few days and kept him comfortable at home, which is where he always wanted to be.

I would just like to highlight one person in particular. Unfortunately I never got her name. She visited for certain at lunchtime yesterday and has a tattoo on her arm. She was so considerate, careful and professional. It felt so safe with her washing and settling John. This is not to the detriment of anyone else, just something we noticed and we just wanted to mention it.

Karen and Marge Liddle, daughter and wife of client - June 2021

There are not enough words to express our thanks for the care Dad received during his last 7 weeks at home. Everyone made a sad time more bearable and we had some giggles and have (made) fond memories too.

With Special thanks to Louise, Noreen, Ulfat, Tall Tahira, Small Tahira, Ghazala, Ghousia and lastly Enamul. 

Dave Rigby, husband of client - June 2021

On behalf of all the family I would once again like to thank you for the wonderful care your staff gave to Hilary in the last few weeks of her life.


Thank you once again. I will always remember the lovely ladies and gentleman who could not do enough to ensure Hilary was comfortable at all times.


Best Wishes to you and all your staff.

Geraldine Impey, wife of client - May 2021

I would like to thank yourself and Sam for the care Ivor received during the last ten weeks of his life. Your carers were without exception kind, considerate and treated him with respect. 

I am grateful I had their support during a difficult time.

Susan Bignall, daughter of client - May 2021

To Tricia and your wonderful care team. 

Thank you for looking after my Dad so well, (and for) your support at the end. Your team went above and beyond. From the bottom of my heart we will all like to say thank you. 

Murphy family, relatives of client - May 2021

I wanted to write and say thank you to you and your team for the support that you gave to us. From the moment that I met you in Wexham Park Hospital and you helped me to get Mum discharged that day, I knew that we wouldn't have to do this alone!

Dad says that apart from the care that you gave Janet, he wanted to thank you for the support that he was given and he says that it was your carers that gave him the strength to carry on!

You have a lovely team and they have even contacted Dad with kind messages of support since Mum has passed. Keep up the good work and know that you make a big difference! Thank you again from Brian, Tina and all the family

Wallington family, relatives of client - February 2021

Thank you for the support that you and your wonderful staff gave Sue and the family in her final days. 

Woodward family, relatives of client - February 2021

Myself, Nikki & Paul would like to thank you for your help and support over the last week, we couldn't have done it without you.

Wilson family, relatives of client - February 2021

Dear Tricia and all the wonderful carers who made Brian's last months so comfortable. Thank you so much for being supportive not only to Brian, but myself and my family. 

I have really missed you, because every visit you all made time for me as well as Brian. I can't imagine how you manage to stay so positive! Thank you again from us all.

Nick Quinn, son of client - February 2021

Thank you so much for the care and kindness you showed my Mum, Valerie, in her last few days. The warmth, compassion and sensitivity you showed my Mum was amazing. 

I don't really have the words to express how amazing you were. Thank you. 

Aileen Smith, sister of client - December 2020

I wanted to thank you for all you did for Barry. 

I met a few of the carers, and Jane, Cathy and Sylvia were excellent. It was comforting to know he was in good hands. Thank you for all your care.

Pat Snapes, wife of client - December 2020

I would like to thank all of the staff who came to help nurse my husband during the last weeks of his life. It was a very difficult time for me watching the cancer eating him away and it was with sorrow and gladness (or relief) that I watched his passing out of his suffering. 

With the virus, the whole year had been very trying and having all the help and kindness in the last few weeks from your establishment meant such a lot to me. 

Jo Armstrong, wife of client - December 2020

Thank-you for your hard work and kindness in helping us care for Barry at home. 

The Live In carer made a world of difference to us. as a family we are so grateful for your advice and provision of caring carers.

Clouden family, relatives of client - October 2020

The family would like to extend their thanks to those who were involved in his long term care from Parkinson's Disease. These include Tricia and her team at Care Resource Bureau

Chris Unwin, husband of client - October 2020

Thank you and your team of carers for all you did throughout Linda's illness. It's hard to put into words how kind and considerate you all were (and) how lovely Linda (looked) after you washed and dressed her on her passing.

She was at peace.

You have an excellent team working for you. Once again, thank you all.

Linda and David Ryder, mother and stepfather of client - October 2020

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for everything that you and Sam did for Paddy, myself and the children. We are so grateful for your professionalism but overriding incredible caring approach to looking after Paddy and myself. Without you his passing would have been so much more harrowing. You made it so much more bearable and although we will want to slowly forget those last few days and hours we will not forget the unswerving support that you both gave us all.

Alison Power, wife of client - October 2020

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for everything that you and Sam did for Paddy, myself and the children. We are so grateful for your professionalism but overriding incredible caring approach to looking after Paddy and myself. Without you his passing would have been so much more harrowing. You made it so much more bearable and although we will want to slowly forget those last few days and hours we will not forget the unswerving support that you both gave us all.

Your commitment to your job and the people involved is truly amazing and families are lucky to have you to care for them.

Tania Deans, daughter of client - September 2020

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are both such amazing people. Your natural approach to care and your experience shines through in all that you do! 

I will never forget your kindness and professional courtesy. ​

Wendy Heslop, wife of client - September 2020

I am writing to say thank you to you. Your support was special - a great help to me. What you said always made sense and stopped me fretting too much. Many thanks for your support it was greatly appreciated.

Andrew Bridgeman, husband of client - July 2020

Following Margaret’s passing on Sunday I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful team of Carers for looking after her so well in the few days before her death.


Hannah and I were very impressed by your professionalism, commitment to provide the best care for Margaret, and for your regular communications with me.


The Carers were all very kind and considerate. Louise was a real gem, particularly caring and compassionate to Margaret and very supportive to Hannah. Her experience really showed.


I used to be volunteer Chairman of a charity-run care home, and know how difficult it is to find and retain good care staff. From what we experienced you have succeeded in doing that.


Overall, you and your team exceeded our expectations, and you are to be congratulated. I will have no hesitancy in recommending your company to others.

Diane Hoar, wife of client - July 2020

I would like to say a big thank you to yourself and the team of ladies that looked after William. He was very lucky to have had such lovely carers.

Maggie, Charlotte and Helen, wife and daughters of client - May 2020

Thank you so much for all the care, kindness and empathy you showed us all in caring for Robert. You made his final days comfortable, and made us feel very supported. Tricia and the team at Care Resource Bureau enabled him to have his final weeks at home, the support and care they provided made a real difference to us during this difficult time. He was treated with dignity and respect all the way to the end. Tricia was there at the end of the phone wherever we needed, providing reassurance and support and all of this during the  coronavirus pandemic, when her and her team where managing this additional challenge. We can’t thank you enough for the care you gave to my father and the kindness you showed my mother, it was invaluable, We are truly grateful for your support and care, you made more possible for us as a family than you’ll realise. Thank you!

Kerry Kelleher, wife of client - May 2020

Heartfelt thanks to you and your band of angels whose care and compassion, gentleness and kindness brought light in to the darkness with each reassuring visit. I cannot thank them enough for how they have looked after my husband and supported me. Worth their weight in gold. Please tell them.

Dorothea Heyes, wife of client - April 2020

It is hard to find the words to express my thanks to your wonderful team and, of course, particularly Enamul, Margaret and Renee, for their devoted care of Jimmy during the last 10 months. Enamul, so cheery every morning whilst retaining Jimmy's dignity which was so important to him and us. I wish you could have known him before all this happened. 

Please pass on my thanks to them all - I miss them coming in every day, they all helped me so much, inspiring me to carry on and enabling me to keep Jimmy home which is what he wanted. My thanks to you too, Tricia, nothing too much trouble when I now you had so many other people needing your attention.

Penny and Alan join me in sending you our grateful thanks and best wishes. 

Ania Morgan, Eva and Stefan Doroszkowska, family of client - April 2020

Following my email to you I thought I would follow this up by writing to say a big thank you to you all especially the carers who looked after my mother.


You were all so sensitive and thoughtful to my mothers needs and were committed to making my mother as comfortable as possible in her final days.

We can only express our heartfelt thanks to you all especially as the pressures of COVID-19 make it all the more challenging for you. Please take care and keep safe, the world is a better place with carers like you in it!

Hilary Memory, wife of client - January 2020

I am writing to thank yourself, Sam and the excellent carers you provided to help look after my Husband Peter, in the last few days before his passing on 27th December. The support was truly heaven-sent and all the carers were amazing, so professional, understanding and compassionate. They treated Peter with respect, maintained his dignity and ensured he was clean and as comfortable as his plight allowed. This was a huge blessing to us both and I shall be eternally grateful to all of them. Please pass on my appreciation to such special individuals who alleviated Peter's distress and eased his journey to be with the Lord. They brought peace, order and tenderness into such a dire situation.

May God bless you all.

Sarah Stone, daughter of client - January 2020

I have finally found the time and energy to write to thank you for the impeccable care and service that you, Sam and all the carers gave to Mum and me before she passed away last week.

I can honestly say that those last few months became easier to bare knowing that Mum was being so well cared for with professionalism and kindness. To then receive the beautiful bouquet and card following her death just proved the extra mile all at the Care Resource Bureau walk. Thank you. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who is in need of similar help.

Janet Ball, wife of client - December 2019

I would like to thank you all for the care you gave my husband Bernie. 

Happy Christmas to you all

Gunawardena family - March 2019

Thank you for your kind attention to Douglas at the end of his life.​

Paula Rock, daughter of client - March 2019

I am writing on behalf of my husband Steve and my father-in-law Dennis R to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the care you recently provided for my mother-in-law Audrey. Audrey passed away peacefully at home on 11th March surrounded by her family. She had been so desperate to go home after her month long stay in hospital but we didn’t think it would be possible or practical. However, with the fast track palliative care package she was able to have your carers visit 3 times a day. Dennis was initially quite wary as he’d had a bad experience with carers in the past but he was won over immediately with the professionalism and kindness of your carers. They looked after Audrey so well and it was really apparent whenever we visited her that the personal care was of a very high standard. Audrey deteriorated very quickly towards the end and we were very touched to see the genuine shock and emotion on the faces of her carers on the day she died. They were so tender towards her and very kind and sensitive to her family which really meant a lot.The whole service really was faultless and helped to make a difficult time easier. Please send on a big thank you to all her carers.

David Spate, son of client - February 2019

Tricia Downes and her team of carers provided palliative care for my 92 year old mother in the final weeks of her life. We were introduced after my mother’s discharge from hospital and after three years of live in carers due to my mother’s dementia. I was immediately struck by the different approach from Tricia and her live in carer. THEY ACTUALLY CARED .. A LOT. It’s sad to say that this is not a given these days and hadn’t been my experience with the previous teams. The difference that they made was to immediately make my mother comfortable and alleviate her suffering. They also instilled in me the confidence that they knew what they were doing and could be trusted so that I didn’t have to make constant checks. Their experience and knowledge meant that they were able to suggest improvements that would help my mother (for example with her swallowing) things that one would have hoped her GP would have suggested, but didn’t. They gave so much more than they were contracted to provide. The biggest difference was the way that Tricia managed her team. She was able to direct and motivate them and keep tabs on what was happening and always kept me informed. Our live in carer treated my mother as if she were her own. She was as upset as I was upon her passing. I truly don’t believe my mother could have had better care in her final weeks and I will always be grateful to Tricia, L and the rest of the team for what they did. They are truly outstanding people.​

Capt. John 'Barry' Dinan, husband of client - February 2019

Thank you so much for your card, flowers and all the wonderful work you did for Charlotte in her last weeks. You made a huge difference to her well-being and to her family's happiness, and Richard and I are truly grateful. Many many thanks to you and your team. 

Bill & Margaret Groves, son and daughter-in-law of client - January 2019

Thank you for your care and patience to Muriel when it sometimes was not easy. You enabled her to fulfill her deepest wish to remain in her own home until the very end. Especially thank you for the dignity which you showed her on her last day. It was very much appreciated.

Marcia Fendom, daughter of client - October 2018

Mum has settled in well at TH and is eating and drinking well. Many thanks to all the carers who looked after her for the past year.

Mark & Rima Stevens, nephew of client - 2018

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the help and support you, Sam and all of the other carers have given Trevor, and indeed our whole family, over the last few years. From the early days when you took over from the local commissioned provider we could all see the difference in Trevor within a few days, it was an amazing transformation seeing him turn into a happier, healthier person much more like the Trevor we knew and loved. From this point onwards you supplied amazing carers who he really enjoyed seeing and interacting with. You also  gave us a continuity of service that had been previously missing from the preceding care provider.


The fact that both you and Sam remained regular visitors to Trevor throughout the duration of his care was very much appreciated as I know he was very fond of you both. He loved the banter you shared, he was always laughing and joking about having you fired and getting someone else, but truthfully he was very grateful to have you looking out for him.


We would also like to pass on our thanks to all of the carers who looked after Trevor. we can honestly say that every one of them did a wonderful job. All of the family and indeed Trevor himself was very grateful to them for the hard work they did for him. On many occasions they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure he was kept happy. From the social calls, the shopping at Sainsbury’s, to his visits to the pub, the Haircut visits and even bringing food from home for him. I can honestly say that he could not have had a better service from all at CRB.


Needless to say, it came as a great shock to us all that we lost Trevor so quickly after what was a very difficult year for him, with so much time being spent in hospital. We had so many plans for him this year once he was home, settled and on the road to recovery. Sadly this was not to be. The whole family are utterly heartbroken to have lost such a wonderful, kind and gentle man. He always had a remarkable sense of humour and was able to make everyone laugh with great ease, and did so at every available opportunity. Trevor had lived in this house since 1946 and it is with the help of everyone at CRB that he was able to stay in his home until the very end, and for that we are eternally grateful.


From my personal prospective I have always felt that Trevor was in good hands with CRB, and never had any cause for concern. CRB were always on top of whatever situation presented itself. In addition you assisted us with so many other things like additional equipment, Social Services, GP matters etc.…. The list goes on! I can genuinely say that Trevor’s life over the last few years was greatly improved due a significant amount to the time and efforts of all at CRB, and for this you have the heartfelt thanks of myself, my wife and indeed the whole family.

Esme Thomson, wife of client - July 2018

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of my husband towards the end of his life. He was treated with dignity and respect which I know he appreciated.  It made all the difference to our family that he was so well looked after by yourselves.

Linda Duke, wife of client - July 2018

Thank you all so much for the care, respect and compassion that you all showed to Colin in his final days. The help you all gave to me, Lisa and Rachel was beyond just your job, you really cared! We will be forever grateful.

Steve Remsbury, son of client - October 2017

We were recommended to Tricia Downes at Care Resource Bureau from a friend for my father. We have not had any experience in the care industry before and really had no idea where to start. Tricia and Sam have been invaluable with their guidance and advice, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs help with a family relative.


We started at half hour care visits, that progressed to an hour and now have Live In Care for my father. Tricia provides a personal and personalised service, specifically tailored for my fathers requirements and needs. She is always available for advice and guidance due to her long experience in the care industry. She has been helping us for over a year now and my father is still able to live in his own house which is what he really wants to do.

Vivien Binder, wife of client - May 2017

I have employed Care Resource Bureau since July 2016 to help me with the care of my husband who has Alzheimer's. During this time I have been totally satisfied with the service they have given me. My husband likes being cared for by all their staff who are cheerful, punctual and efficient and who are always considerate to his special needs.

Debbie McGee - 2017

It is always exhausting when looking after a loved one who is ill.

The stress of the situation is lessened enormously having someone who knows what to do when there are emergencies and in the day to day care of the patient. The Care Resource Bureau staff allowed me to have more quality time without undue stress when I needed help with my Husband Paul Daniels before he died.

Mark Stevens, nephew of client - March 2017

Having had terrible experiences with previous care providers for my elderly uncle who requires a fairly high level of care, I contracted Tricia and her team to take over. They literally transformed my uncle’s mood and physical appearance in a matter of days.Now over a year down the line he is more mobile, loves the social interaction with his carers, and even looks forward to going out of the house (something none of the other care companies managed to get him to do). His sense of humor has returned and generally is a much happier person.

The level of care Tricia and her team supply is above and beyond the call of duty.

Barbara Binfield, daughter of client - January 2016

Dear Tricia, I am writing to thank you for the "in house" support you provided for my Mum, L.T. Although we only had use of it before Mum went into a nursing home the person you sent, Claire Duff, was wonderful. Claire bonded with Mum straight away and I always felt safe leaving them whilst I grabbed a few hours respite myself. The service you provided was first-rate and you should be very proud of providing a young lady, full of compassion and humour. 

Trish Hubbard, daughter of client - October 2015

Having already experienced the care offered in our area I was very disappointed until I was fortunate enough to meet Tricia Downes and her team.My mother suffered a stroke which has affected her short term memory and she also has early Alzheimer's.I would highly recommend Tricia she is very professional and provides excellent care.My mum is now very calm and happy since Tricia has taken over her care. I feel that a weight has been lifted all down to the fact that we have an excellent care provider that we can trust and rely on.

Charlotte Wren, daughter of client - October 2015

Having had a very bad experience with a previous care provider, I was impressed from the very start with the exceptional service that Tricia and Care Resource Bureau have provided, not only in helping my father, but also in helping get the correct package and funding required in addition to keeping me informed at all times of any progress or change. Tricia sets and achieves very high standards and instils trust in my father, such that good relationships have been developed. It has not only helped my father, but has alleviated so much stress in my own life at being able to put total faith in a care provider.

Pat Alexander, Physiotherapist Herts Handling Training LTD - April 2015

I have worked alongside Tricia Downes for some years and found her assessment and problem solving skills in the community to be well developed and competent.

Mark Dibsdall, Director and son of client - April 2015

Tricia was wholly responsible for the professional care of my mother in the family home for over two years, up until we took the reluctant decision to move her into a residential care home.


Throughout that period she demonstrated a level of professionalism and understanding that were second to none.


It is never easy when a loved one reaches the point where family care is insufficient – not only in terms of the logistics and physical demands, but also the emotional ones. Tricia understood what mum needed and delivered above and beyond the call of duty every single day.


Perhaps even more importantly, she understood the feelings of helplessness and guilt for being unable to cope that I was feeling.  She spent a great deal of time informing me of what she was doing with and for Mum, which helped reassure me that the approach we were taking was the best possible for her at the time.


Tricia and Mum formed a close and trusted bond which really made a difference to Mum’s life – and for that I will always be very grateful


I have no hesitation in recommending Tricia to anyone who cares about the health, happiness and wellbeing of a loved one.

Patricia Brown, Legal Manager - March 2015

I have known Tricia Downes for a number of years. My mother has suffered from severe vascular dementia and macular degeneration and still manages to live at home with the help of carers.


I can say without any hesitation that Tricia is solely responsible for the fact that my Mum is still able to live alone (with carers visits) when others thought Mum should be in a home, Tricia supported me and Mum through some very stressful times and her knowledge regarding the care system is second to none.


The most memorable time, and there have been many, is when Tricia came to our rescue a year ago. Mum had a stroke last January and had recovered enough by March to leave hospital.  The medical staff were convinced that Mum should go straight into a home, a decision I did not agree with, and I felt that I was sinking in the massive care system and that no one would listen to me.  The day before the “best interests” meeting at the hospital, Tricia called me and said she would come with me and she assured me it would be OK.  She was absolutely brilliant – I was pretty much invisible but she shone through and saved the day and persuaded everyone around the table that Mum would be fine at home and a year on she still is despite losing her speech – she is very happy and adores Tricia which is plain to see whenever she sees her.


In short, I would trust Tricia with anything precious such as my Mum and I am positive that anything she takes on will be a success as she is one of the most committed people I have ever had the pleasure to know and I now count her as a friend too.

Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee - March 2015

When care is needed for an elderly person Tricia Downes is much more than just a professional. She is a person that you can totally trust. Tricia really cares about her patients and is excellent in assessing what each individual case needs. She then investigates this and follows it through. We have never known anyone in the medical professions who gives more of their time to people in need.

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