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Our Services

We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of specialist Home Care services, whether NHS and Local Authority or self-funded. 

Palliative Care

Live-in Care

Personal Care

Dementia Care

Same-day Discharge

24 Hr Waking Care

Respite Care

Complex Care

Companionship Care

Palliative Care

It is often found that, at the end of life, individuals prefer to rest safely and peacefully in the comfort of their own home surrounded by loved ones.  


At Care Resource Bureau, we believe that anyone should have the choice to remain at home until their final moments, which is why we have made it our mission to enable this wherever possible. Our experienced team of carers are on hand to reassure and support families through this final stage of life and beyond, working closely with GPs, district nurses, palliative care nurses, Rennie Grove nurses, Macmillan nurses and Marie Curie nurses.


We tailor your care plan to accommodate medication requirements as well as any other support that may be needed to ensure the transition is as comfortable as possible. Whats more, we ensure support and advice is available 24/7 so you are never alone.


The loss of a loved one is a challenging time for all and we believe that, after the transition has taken place, families often need time together to mourn peacefully. This is why the Care Resource Bureau team is trained to make arrangements, give advice at your request and communicate with all necessary parties on your behalf.

Live-in Care

Live-in carers support you around the clock so you will never have to be alone whilst making the choice to remain in your own home. It can be supplied whether you live alone or with a loved one.

All of our carers are hand-picked by us, ensuring you are provided with a reliable, quality and caring service centred around you. We ensure our carers are trained to the highest standard and receive regular refresher training in standard care and support, as well as in specialised care where required.


We strive to enable a 'normal' home life wherever possible, taking into consideration any physical or cognitive impairments, we encourage and arrange outings to aid mental and physical wellbeing as well as improve quality of life.

Perhaps you have no one to go with you who is able to provide you with the care you require? Whilst Care Resource Bureau predominantly offers care within the home, we are able to assist you almost anywhere including on holiday.


If you have a medical appointment, we offer several different services to be able to assist you in attending that appointment including escorting you so and you don’t have to go alone. For those who are eligible, we are able to arrange transport via the NHS transport service, or via private arrangement should this be preferable.

Personal Care and Support

Our role is to support you in the life choices that you make which is why we put you at the centre of our planning to discover what you want, the support you need and how we can provide it. Just as everybody is different, everybody requires different levels of care; whether you need somebody to bathe and dress you or just need someone to pop in to help with the weekly shop, we are here to give you the care and support you need to lead the most independent life possible.


Although our care is tailored to meet your individual needs our most commonly requested services include medication management, support with movement, washing, continence management, dressing and grooming, outings including shopping, meal preparation and eating, peg feeding, skin and pressure care as well as companionship.

Dementia Care

The impact of dementia is rarely limited to one person alone and can also affect families, friends and local communities. Our role is to support you in maintaining as much independence as possible, enabling you to continue to make a positive contribution within your circle of family, friends and local community.  


As you may already know, dementia is a difficult condition to live with whether you are the person with the condition or you care for someone who has it. Every day is different and the care and support required can vary dramatically from day to day. Caring for someone with dementia requires specialist communication and behavioural skills to ensure identity is maintained and dignity preserved.


We believe that everybody has the right to live the fullest life available to them and we work hard to enable our clients with dementia to continue living their chosen lifestyle safely and for as long as possible. Through flexible, tailored care we encourage clients to carry out their daily tasks to the best of their abilities and support them in doing so rather than ‘taking over’. This helps maintain a sense of independence and control that is so important and can make a big difference to their quality of life. 

We currently accept patients with needs arising from a medical diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's with NHS funding or those requiring Live-in care on a private basis, or Local Authority funded. Due to our current specialisation in the field of palliative care, we are not able to provide a service to dementia or Alzheimers clients who only require home care visits.

Same-day Discharge

Care Resource Bureau provide a Same-day service for those being discharged from hospital to home under NHS funding for Palliative Care and always aim to implement the care package within 24 hours of referral. 


In providing this service we hope to eliminate the hospitalisation of individuals who are medically fit for discharge which also reduces 'bed blocking' within the NHS.

Complex Care

We are proud to offer expert care for individuals with a range of conditions including physical disabilities, Motor Neurone disease, cancer, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinsons disease, Huntingtons disease, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimers and dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, plus head, brain and spinal injuries as well as supporting people at risk with swallow issues that require specialist feeding. 

We truly believe that everybody should have the choice to remain in the comfort of their own home which is why, by working closely with other appropriate Health Care care professionals, we ensure you have a strong support network in place. We also are able to access specialist training services, and are always working to broaden the different levels of support that we can provide, which enables us to manage a wide variety of complex care tools including gastrostomy/PEG Training, stoma, catheter, urostomy, suction, NIV, ventilator, cough-assist and oxygen. We hope that our expert knowledge will give you the peace of mind to feel safe in your own home for as long as is desired.

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